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Our olive varieties are Greek, Italian and Spanish because, at heart, we are not EVOO nationalists, but EVOO perfectionists.
By origin we are part Greek and part Italian. The land we chose for our olive groves is in the hills above the seaside town of Ermioni in the Peloponesse, Greece.
Our vision is to create a world-leading olive oil estate that will produce a range of exceptional extra virgin olive oils with distinct organoleptic characteristics.
We will use
this platform to
  • educate both professionals and enthusiastic foodies,
  • advance the use of olive oil in gastronomy,
  • and push the limits of exceptional quality.
We respect nature and value the deep knowledge inherent in traditional and sustainable cultivation practices. We optimize our outcome with a state-of-the-art olive mill, where we can extract and bottle the best of nature without ever altering it and allow for complete traceability of every step of the process.
For us, the most important element of our success is the people who are involved in this project.
We have on board persons passionate about olive oil, with proven professional track records.
Acting CEO & General Manager
Thrasivoulos Anastasiades
Strategy/planning initiator & execution supervisor. A long and multidimensional career in senior management as well as a broad consulting portfolio in the food industry.
Head of Project
Dimitris Fotiadis
Dimitris has 25 years of experience in business development and project management of large real estate and infrastructure projects, all around the world. He is passionate about sustainable development and has set as a goal the integration of our project. Dimitris holds B.Eng. and M.Sc. degrees in Civil Engineering and has worked towards a B.Sc. in Enology & Viticulture. He has served as CEO in a number of startups in the past
Chief Agronomist
and Internationally
Certified Olive Oil Taster
Kostas Lyris
Kostas has devoted his career trying to extract the best olive oil taste that Greek land can offer. He is also a master of blends, which fits perfectly with our philosophy. We rely on his international experience as olive oil taster to help us produce our unique blends
Head of Operations
& Administration
Panorea Takoumaki
Panorea keeps the heart of our operations ticking every day. She is also our company’s legal representative. Panorea holds a B.Sc. in Geology, an M.Sc. in GIS, and is working towards her MBA. She has completed 6 months of professional-level training in olive oil production, farm to table
Head of Sales
& Marketing
John Anairousis
John Anairousis is spreading the word that we produce one of the best olive oils you can find anywhere in the world. He leads our Sales & Marketing department, and he is passionate about our olive oil, as a food with high nutritional value that is produced in a sustainable way. John holds a B.A. in Business & Marketing, an M.Sc. in International Marketing, and an MBA.
Thanasis Balabanis
Thanasis is our trustworthy land caretaker and supervisor. He keeps our olive grove healthy and in balance with nature
Our core staff is supported by our equally passionate consultants. We would not be able to make our vision come true without the valuable contribution of those people.
Georgianna Hiliadaki & Nikos Roussos
Top gastronomists, winners of multiple awards, creators of the Michelin-starred Funky Gourmet restaurant, this dynamic duo has a passion for developing dishes based on authentic flavors and imaginative combinations. Their input is invaluable to our gastronomical explorations with olive oil
& Philosopher
Anastasios Rigopoulos
His exceptional designs are informed by his philosophical explorations on the effect of human intervention on natural harmony, and how to preserve the natural balance. His designs for our olive oil mill installation are truly inspired
Global Hospitality
Anthony Borantin
His many years of experience in the international premium hospitality sector, both as a hotel executive and as a consultant, make him the perfect partner in our quest to incorporate the Greek principle of “philoxenia” in our activities at ootopia estate.

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